How To Prevent Your Hoverboard From Exploding

Hoverboard Exploding

We’ve all seen and heard on the internet about exploding hoverboards. This has shrunk the demand for the hoverboards by a high percentage and has given the device a bad name.

We are not saying that the hoverboards are unsafe, what we are trying to say is if only the owners can take good care of their boards and also beware of cheaply made hoverboards. Such boards contain cheap batteries that are likely to explode.

With that said, here are simple things to do to avoid your hoverboard exploding;

  1. Do Not Overcharge the board
    – When you over charge the board, the particles inside the lithium-ion battery start to loose their functionality, overheat, swell, and end up exploding.
  2. Take good care of the hoverboard.
    Don’t let anyone violate your hoverboard (bang into walls and street poles) as this might cause some pieces of the main board to damage the battery and cause it to explode.
  3. Should you decide to repair yourself, make sure to disconnect the hoverboard battery. This is to prevent electrical charges as this will make the battery explode.
  4. Avoid purchasing cheaply made hoverboards as these are guaranteed to explode. These boards contain cheap components that are highly unstable and will cause fire which will lead to the board exploding. The explosion can occur during charging, riding the board, or even when the board is not being used.

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