Know Your Hoverboard

Safely Use the Hoverboard

  1. Basic Safety Rules
    We as Hovertech hope that all our customers or the person they are purchasing the hoverboard for can ride it and enjoy the fun brought to them by the hoverboard.

    • We recommend that the user reads the user manual supplied with the hoverboard before they start using it.
    • Always assess the board before you riding it.
    • Should the board’s battery light starts flashing in red whilst you are riding it, we recommend that you stop and get off the board. Should the rider fail to do so, as they continue to ride the board will completely loose balance and the rider might fall off and sustain injuries.
    • Only charge the hoverboard for the recommended time. This is to avoid overcharging, which will damage the battery and in so doing, might even cause fire.
  2. The Driver Weight Limit
    There are two main reasons for the weight Limit.

    • To ensure the safety of the driver.
    • To reduce the overloading of the board as this might damage the structure of the hoverboard.

    Max. Allowed Weight: 90KG
    The Driver’s Minimum Weight: 20KG

  3. The hoverboard’s traveling range is determined by many factors, such as;
    • Terrain: Must be ridden on smooth, flat surface. If not, the traveling range will be reduced.
    • Weight: The Lighter the driver the more the distance the board can cover. Heavy weight requires the board to use more battery power and in turn, the battery gets drained faster.
    • Environmental Temperature: The board needs to be stored under the recommended temperature. If not, this will damage board and will fail to cover the distance it was designed to.
    • Maintenance: Reasonable charging and maintenance of the battery is very vital to the board’s performance when been driven.
    • Speed And Driving Style: Being a speed demon will only reduce the board’s riding range as this consumes a lot of power from the battery.
  4. The Speed Limit
    • The maximum speed limit on the hoverboard is 10km/h.
    • When driving over the speed limit, the board will trigger an alarm to warn you to slow down and avoid falling off the board at high speed.
    • The hoverboard is designed to balance perfectly when been driven within the speed limit.


How To Ride The Hoverboard

To be able to ride the hoverboard, you need to fully understand the instructions that came with the board. You need to know the safety procedures to avoid sustaining injuries.

  1. Start the hoverboard by pressing the power button.
  2. Find a perfect balance whilst standing on the board. The board needs to be stable when you are standing on it. Avoid slight unintentional body movements (specifically the backward and forward movement) as this will trigger movement on the board and without balance you will fall.
  3. The hoverboard uses gyroscopes and pressure pads to trigger movement of the wheels. Distributing your body weight evenly will result in a much smoother ride.
  4. To move the hoverboard forward, your body needs to lean forward putting weight on the front pressure pads. These pressure pads will block out the infrared lights found on the gyroscopes and with this the board will move forward.
  5. To move the hoverboard backwards, your body needs to lean backwards putting weight on the back pressure pads. These pressure pads will block out the infrared lights found on the gyroscopes and with this the board will move backward.
  6. To turn right, your left foot must tilt the hoverboard forward and your right foot must tilt the hoverboard backwards. To turn left, you must do the vice versa.

Balance, Forward , And Backwards Movement Illustrated

How to balance and move your hoverboard

Left And Right Turn Movement Illustrated


How to turn left and right with the hoverboard

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